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E skills Government Job

Hello Friends welcome to the our Blog website PervezWorld today I explain how can get government job online and skills like data entry operator social media marketing affiliate marketing and more

An online skilling initiative from National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC)

Skilling yourself on the go with eSkill India— an online skilling initiative from National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) under the aegis of Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE).  A plethora of courses have been aggregated from various organisations across the globe. 
App features:  
Access complete catalogue featuring scores of courses across various sectors such as Management, IT, Healthcare, Electronics, BFSI, Beauty, Automotive, etc. 
Courses is available in English, Hindi and many regional languages.  
Offering QP (Qualification Pack) and non-Q based courses. 
Anytime, anywhere learning- skilling opportunities for aspiring learners beyond the boundaries of location and time. 
Self-paced learning:  Personalized experience which lets the user decide its own convenience and pace. 
Discover courses with topics ranging from fabric painting to wealth management, masonry to automotive repair, English learning to dentistry, impression management to interview skills. 
Affordable courses: eSkill India catalogues both free and low budget courses that are easily affordable. 
Stream online for interactive video-based lessons, lectures, etc. 
Simple 1-minute registration process 
Register using mobile number or email id or NSDC registration ID. 
Friendly navigation and search mechanisms.  
Courses on popular categories: 
Free and paid courses available on 15+ categories to help you master new skills for both professional and personal growth. 
Healthcare: Clinical Nutrition, Wellness, Dentistry, medical assistance, basic first aid, etc.
Computers: computer basics, computer hardware, MS office, etc.
Business: management of finances, entrepreneurship, stocks, family business, risk management, etc. 
Electronics: electrician training, repairing appliances, mobile repairing, etc. 
Personal growth and development: digital literacy, soft skills , learning English, interview preparations, etc.
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