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Buy Refurbished Mobile (naye se bhi Naya 2Gud app)

Get the best refurbished electronics at unbelievable prices at 2GUD by Flipkart
2GUD by Flipkart Way Ahead
A one-stop all-inclusive platform 2GUD by Flipkart, offers refurbished gadgets at unbelievable discounts. With a wide range of quality products from multiple categories and top brands, you can choose a variety of products with excellent discounts. And it’s not just mobiles that you can purchase. 2GUD by Flipkart offers numerous entertainment gadgets such as smart watches, bluetooth headphones, bluetooth speakers, earphones and more, 2GUD by Flipkart has it all. It is your ultimate hyper-value destination where we make sure you get the best quality products at even better prices!

Think Savings, Think Refurbished!
A refurbished product is a product that is pre-owned and has been tested for optimal performance and functionality while being covered by a specific warranty provided by the seller. But you needn’t worry about its quality as each product undergoes a variety of quality checks before it’s available for purchase. With such strict quality checks performed by experts, the refurbished products look and perform good as new. 
Professionally Tested for QualityAt 2GUD by Flipkart, you get to discover and buy products that are not only less-expensive, pre-owned, and refurbished but also gone through stringent tests. All sellers that are listed on 2GUD are genuine and are mandated to sell only genuine products. All products are professionally inspected and tested to work. With the inclusion of a complete diagnostic test and replacement of any defective parts, you can be sure that the product you buy is well worth the money that you’re shelling out. If you need to buy electronic items and gadgets on a budget, then 2GUD by Flipkart is the way to go! You can buy refurbished laptops and refurbished mobiles without burning a hole in your wallet. If you need a spare phone or if you’re buying a phone for the kids at home, then refurbished phones would meet the requirement. You can even get refurbished an iPhone and unboxed mobiles at great prices.

Search from over a million products spanning across hundreds of categories!MobilesLaptopsSmartwatchesTabletsSpeakersHeadphonesSoundbarsEarphonesPower BanksComputer AccessoriesTelevisionsWristwatchesRouters           Whether they’re unboxed or one of the refurbished grades, get 100% original products, certified and graded by professionals after rigorous quality and stress tests. What’s more? You get up to a 12 months warranty on all products with a hassle-free replacement policy.
Read reviews, compare specs and features and find the perfect pick on 2GUD by Flipkart. Also, signup and login for better benefits and personalized offers. Easy Payment Methods Cash on delivery(COD)No Cost EMIDebit card & Credit card EMIsNet bankingCredit/Debit card Install for Better Benefits and Personalised Offers 1. Choose from a vast selection of refurbished electronics.2. Find the best product for yourself by watching shoppable videos posted by tech influencers.3. Get gadget reviews and so much more.4. Choose among easy payment options like Cash on Delivery (COD), debit card, credit card, net banking or UPI enabled PhonePe. Avail no-cost EMI on select products.5. Manage and track your orders and connect to our support team from within the app. Permissions
To deliver the most optimum experience, the 2GUD online shopping app needs access to the following services:
Device and App History - to detect critical crashes and recover the app state.Location - to identify the current location for shipping information. Visit our website: and browse your favourite products at 2GUD by Flipkart, at the click of a button.


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